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The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan by Andrew Sullivan on 1/2/09
Leave aside the usual huffing and puffing. Can you answer this question
for me:

Is there any other significant issue in American political life,
besides Israel, where (a) citizens split almost evenly in their views,
yet (b) the leaders of both parties adopt identical lockstep positions
which leave half of the citizenry with no real voice? More notably
still, is there any other position, besides Israel, where (a) a party's
voters overwhelmingly embrace one position (Israel should not have
attacked Gaza) but (b) that party's leadership unanimously embraces the
exact opposite position (Israel was absolutely right to attack Gaza and
the U.S. must support Israel unequivocally)? Does that happen with any
other issue?

Not that I can think of, off the top of my head.

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