Sent to you by Sean McBride via Google Reader: Steve Walt becomes a
blogger at... 'Foreign Policy'! via Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss on 1/5/09
Stephen Walt, the co-author of The Israel Lobby, today personally
demonstrates that the third rail of American politics is on the blink.
A year after the Washington Post's Dana Milbank sought to smear him as
a crypto-Nazi, he's in business as a blogger for the Washington Post
company, at Foreign Policy magazine. Today he has a brilliant post on
What-if-it-were-the-Jews who were stateless in Palestine and hurling
rockets towards Palestinian settlements--which side would we be on? The
answer, of course, is that the U.S. would never have allowed the Jews
of Israel/Palestine to suffer 60 years without the right of

And here is part of his realist credo:
Realists are ... wary of grandiose plans for social engineering in
other countries and believe that force should be used only when vital
interests are at stake. Realists recognize that global institutions can
be useful tools of statecraft, but they also believe that institutions
require great power support to work effectively and are not a default
solution for all global problems.

Finally, realists are skeptical of the propaganda that states
invariably deploy to justify self-interested policies, and they know
that fear, greed or stupidity sometimes lead even well-intentioned
democracies to do foolish or cruel things (see under "Iraq"). Realists
aren’t moral relativists and don’t think all great powers are morally
equivalent, but they know better than to take any country's idealistic
rhetoric at face value.

Readers here know that I'm an old lefty contaminated by Walt's realism.
That credo and Walt's post linked above, about stateless Jews, is why.
Walt has shown greater concern about Palestinian human rights than just
about anyone in the establishment. That he's done so with an effortless
charm is now demonstrated by the fact that he's a blogger at Foreign
Policy. We're coming in.

As to my contamination--despite the credo of this blog, I'm not an
idea-person, I'm a writer of passion who tries to be analytical. I've
felt comfortable in the company of realists because along with the left
they tried to save America from the Iraq disaster. The cruel Iraq
disaster. I've been drawn to their cool sense of an American interest
as an antidote to the hidden-agenda culturalism of the neocons. I've
been drawn to W&M personally because they're smart philosemites. And I
like to think that the human-rights, anti-imperialist left is rubbing
off on those guys too. Right now we need each other.

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