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Will Get Iran File via by admin on 1/5/09
Very concerning news from the very excellent Nelson Report tonight —
that Dennis Ross will become Special Envoy for Iran, reporting directly
to SecState-designate Clinton, rather than to the White House. Chris
Nelson has great sources everywhere, and, while he is much more an Asia
hand than a Mideast expert, I have to take his reports quite seriously.
Of course, Ross, who has virtually no independent expertise or
experience that I know of regarding Iran, signed on to that September
Bipartisan Policy Center report drafted by hard-line neo-cons Michael
Rubin and Michael Makovsky, as I reported here in October. Such an
appointment should give pause to anyone worried about the lingering
possibility of war with Tehran.

Nelson also reports that Richard Haass will be Special Envoy for
Israel-Arab affairs, apparently something of a compromise between Ross
and Dan Kurtzer. For the direction he is likely to take, particularly
regarding the Palestinian and Syrian tracks, see my article on his
recent report co-authored with Martin Indyk. They also wrote a version
of their policy recommendations in the latest edition of Foreign

Nelson reports that Richard Holbrooke will become and Special Envoy for
India and Pakistan and Anne Marie Slaughter head of Policy Planning,
among many other likely appointments of particular relevance to Asia

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