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Stories by Twitter Links [News Aggregation] via Lifehacker by Kevin
Purdy on 1/20/09
Noting that breaking news stories move a lot faster through Twitter
than aggregation sites like Google/Yahoo News and Digg, A Yahoo BOSS
engineer created a news search tool that ranks based on Twitter links.

TweetNews keeps an eye on Yahoo News and compares its headlines with
which news stories are culling links on Twitter updates. A story's
popularity amongst the tweeting masses will push it up farther on
TweetNews. There's no landing page full of links, though, just search
functionality. You can see the Twitter updates each result is pulling
from in a drop-down box, and the absolutely minimal site loads
seriously fast.

TweetNews is free, no sign-up required, and a decent addition to any
news-watcher's arsenal—especially those who like to be really, really
up-to-date on what's happening. TweetNews [via TG Daily]

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