September 13, 2016
Clinton Foundation Is A Fraud
Michael S. Rozeff

Charles K. Ortel, a Harvard MBA and experienced Wall Street analyst, makes a powerful case that the Clinton Foundation is fraudulent and has been fraudulent since its original inception in 1997. See here for starters, a story about Ortel and others.

For some of Ortel’s analysis, see here. His case is very strong. There are numerous illegalities and irregularities. See also here. And see here. And this link appears to bring up most or all of the previous documents.

Without proper documents, activities and auditing, you simply cannot believe what the Clintons say about the Foundation, its foreign donors and their relationships through the Foundation to public officials. In the same vein, the Clintons have historically done everything they could to hide their activities in all sorts of venues and situations. This is happening at the present moment with regard to Hillary Clinton’s health and physical status.

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