WikiLeaks’ Guccifer 2.0: Obama Sold Off Public Offices to DonorsCorruption
doesn't start or end with Hillary

By Michael Sainato <http:///author/michael-sainato/> • 09/14/16 11:00am

*[image: Description: US President Barack Obama (L) bids farewell to US
Ambassador to Britain Matthew Barzun at London's Stansted airport on April
24, 2016.]**<img

*US President Barack Obama (L) bids farewell to US Ambassador to Britain
Matthew Barzun at London’s Stansted airport on April 24, 2016. Photo: Jim
Watson/AFP/Getty Images*

On September 13, WikiLeaks
lived up to its promise of releasing more Democratic National Committee
(DNC) documents. This time they were from hacker Guccifer 2.0
serving as a teaser for larger and likely more embarrassing leaks from the
Hillary Clinton campaign.

Both the Democratic Party
<> and Clinton
have attempted to insulate themselves from the content of the releases by
alleging the hacks were organized by the Russian
The claims are a mix of paranoia and PR/damage control, and will have
enduring consequences. It may lead to what former Secretary of
Defense William Perry referred to
as a drift back into Cold War mentalities.

The leaks include more evidence of overt corruption within the DNC. One
email <> dated
May 18, 2016, from Jacquelyn Lopez, an attorney with the law firm Perkins
Coie, asked DNC
<> staff if
they could set up a brief call “to go over our process for handling
donations from donors who have given us pay to play letters.”

Included in the leak was a list
<> of high-profile
donors from 2008 and the ambassadorship they received in exchange for their
large donation to the DNC
and Barack Obama’s Organizing For Action
<> (OFA). Essentially, Obama was
auctioning <>
off foreign ambassador positions and other office positions while Hillary
served as secretary of state. The largest donor listed at contributions
totaling over $3.5 million, Matthew Barzun
<>, served as U.S. Ambassador
to Sweden from 2009 to 2011, served as President Obama’s National Finance
Chair during his 2012 reelection campaign, and now serves as U.S.
Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The second largest donor, Julius Genachowski
<>, donated just
under $3.5 million to the DNC and OFA, and in exchange was appointed
chairman of the FCC by Obama
<> in 2009.

The third largest donor on the list, Frank Sanchez
donated just over $3.4 million and exchange was appointed to Undersecretary
of Commerce for International Trade by Obama
in 2010.

A 2013 article
published by the* Guardian* corroborates the pay-to-play scheme this list
suggests. “Barack Obama <> has
rewarded some of his most active campaign donors with plum jobs in foreign
embassies, with the average amount raised by recent or imminent appointees
soaring to $1.8m per post, according to a Guardian analysis,” wrote Dan
Roberts. “The practice is hardly a new feature of U.S. politics, but career
diplomats in Washington are increasingly alarmed at how it has grown. One
former ambassador described it as the selling of public office.”

A separate release from DC Leaks
an anonymous organization, revealed emails between former Secretary of
State Colin Powell and Democratic Party
mega-donor and Powell’s business partner, Jeffrey Leeds. In the exchange,
Powell vents to Leeds over the Clinton
trying to use him as a scapegoat regarding Clinton’s
use of a private email server
that instigated a FBI
criminal investigation. “I warned her staff three times over the past two
years not to try to connect it to me. I am not sure HRC
even knew or understood what was going on in the basement,” Powell wrote in
one email, according
<> to The Intercept.

Another major issue brought up by the latest leaks is the media
blackout on the content of what was released. *Politico
<>*,* The
New York Times
and several other news outlets opted to report solely on the fact that
there was a new leak—citing a statement from DNC Chair Donna Brazile, who
claims the DNC
is the victim of a Russian cyber-attack—without delving into the specifics
of the content.

The recent leak
teaser from WikiLeaks
and Guccifer 2.0
to show how extensive and far back the documents obtained in the hacks go.
While no emails
were released in this latest release, the documents to come will—at the
very least—shed further light as to the extent of corruption
the Democratic Party

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