*See The 5 Facts That Prove Trump Is ACTUALLY Beating Hillary Quite Badly*


Donald Trump has been taking names and not taking prisoners. He is killing
Hillary Clinton and has even had to do it by going up against the
media's rigged
polls <http://conservativetribune.com/reuters-exposed-trick-to-rig-polls/>.

Let's take a look at the facts that the media completely ignores or covers
up. Instead, they have been giving Clinton the lead despite the fact that
she can't get anyone to even show up to her rallies.

Clinton Rally In Omaha where she used mostly High School kids to fill the
gym where a lot of her statements were incorrectly read from her

*FACT #1: *Trump has nearly three times the amount of followers on Facebook.

Trump: 12,174,358 likes.
Clinton: 4,385,959 likes.

Look what Trump's live stream videos do when compared to Hillary's.

Trump Live Stream Post - 21 hours ago: 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5
million views

Clinton Live Stream Post - 25 hours ago: 9,000 likes, 0 shares, 121,000

That does not look good at all for her!

*Fact #2:* Trump has 18.6 million twitter followers.

Hillary Clinton has only 6.1 million.

The best part is that most of Hillary's are actually fake. According to the
Washington Examiner, 41 percent of Hillary's "followers" are not even real

In contrast, The Daily Caller says that Trump's followers are 90% real
with  90% of them having a previous voting record.

*Fact #3:* Trump averages 160k viewers per live stream. Clinton averages
400 viewers per live stream.

Wow. That is bad. Trump also gets 5,000 percent more eyeballs focused on
the TV screen than Clinton. She really is that boring to the viewers.

*Fact #4: *Instagram.

Trump has 6.2 million followers.

Clinton has 800,000 followers.

Instagram is a platform with mostly all pictures and not much substance -
exactly what Hillary supporters love. And still she does very poorly in
this medium.

*Fact #5: *On Reddit.

Trump: 297,696 subscribers
Clinton: 21,429 subscribers
But on Hillary for Prison: she gets 255,228 subscribers.

Trump has more subscribers than Clinton on every major social media outlet
but what is even funnier is that there are nearly 3 times as many people
subscribed to "Hillary for Prison" than there are subscribed to the Clinton

The best part is that the DNC's leaked emails from WikiLeaks have proven
that Clinton pays people to support her online. Trump supporters on the
other hand willingly actually like and follow him on Social media.

Trump actually has the support of the people. He is going to win this
election come November no matter what the mainstream media would like you
to believe.

Right now, every single patriot needs to share this article with friends
and relatives. We need to fight these rigged polls that seem to come out
every day. Hillary Clinton has a big bag of tricks and is trying to trick
the American public into voting for her. Let's show America the truth.

Can we share this e-mail with at least 10 friends. We have to fight against
the mainstream media and their attempts to steal the election away from

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