Multiple bombs in NY and NJ. Cop slashed with a meat cleaver in NY by a 
lunatic facing deportation. Cops and innocent civilians shot by a madman 
who hated cops in Philadelphia. Radical islamic knife-wielding nutbag 
stabbed 8 in MN. Cop-hating murderer tried to run over 3 cops in Phoenix.

I thought I'd read about another one somewhere in the South this week, but 
can't recall where it was.

I had noticed a couple of weeks ago that we'd seen a perceived decrease in 
terrorist attacks and anti-cop violence for 2-3 weeks. And then all of the 
above happens within a few days.

Personally I think this is the new normal if Hillary Clinton is elected and 
the deluded radicals like BLM and the rest of the cop-haters and terrorist 
sympathizers and defenders are given the respect democrats bestow upon them.

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