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The New 2016 Crossovers

Joe Saunders

The Point

Will Hillary Clinton call South Carolina’s black voters “deplorable” too?

With even Democrat-leaning polls showing Donald Trump likely to win
the Palmetto State, Trump holds leads ranging from a margin-of-error 2
percent to a very comfortable 15 percent.

But what one poll out this week shows about Clinton’s performance against
Trump among one very important bloc of voters could spell big trouble for
the Democrats when Nov. 8 rolls around.

According to a Trafalgar Group poll
<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4lhKxf9pMitUjZhbDJwVGQteTA/view> taken
from Sept. 6-12, the billionaire businessman from New York is raking in
almost *26 percent of the black vote* in South Carolina, an astonishing
performance for the Republican and one that has to have the Clinton
campaign even more worried than their candidate’s pneumonia. (If that’s
what it really is

Barack Obama lost South Carolina to Republican Mitt Romney in 2012, when
blacks turned out in record numbers to vote for the country’s first black
president. With the Trafalgar poll showing Trump is getting 25.75 percent
of that African-American voting bloc, Hillary’s campaign doesn’t stand a

But it’s what the poll could mean outside South Carolina that’s even more

No Republican presidential candidate has gotten more than 12 percent of the
black vote nationally since 1976 when Gerald Ford got 16 percent.
white America had only listened to that 16 percent, we’d have been spared
the Carter years )

If Trump is anywhere close to winning 25 percent of the black vote, Hillary
can go back to her sick bed in Chappaqua for a nice, long recovery.

And the Trafalgar finding in South Carolina isn’t alone. In Michigan, a Fox
2-Mitchell Research poll shows Trump taking in 20 percent
the black vote, one of the factors that helped him cut Clinton’s lead in
the Wolverine State from 10 percent to 5 percent from the same poll a month
ago. Interestingly, of the black voters surveyed there, 42 percent said
Trump’s visit to a black church in Detroit had made them more likely to
vote for the GOP nominee, contradicting the political sage Al Sharpton, who
told his dwindling audience on MSNBC that the visit was an “insult to our

Considering Al Sharpton has been insulting the intelligence of the American
public for even longer than Hillary Clinton has, the fact that he’s being
proven dead wrong here is particularly satisfying.

Even more satisfying, though, is the explanation being offered by *The New
York Times*, the house organ of the Democrat Party, for why the liberal
nominee of 2016 isn’t faring so well among non-white voters. The answer
won’t surprise most conservatives, but it has to be killing
progressives who thought they were on a glide path to running the country
for the next 40 years.

According to* The Times*, it’s simple: Barack Obama was a one-off, scoring
gains unlikely to be repeated by any Democrat in 2016, much less one as
lifeless as Hillary Clinton. The title of the piece
says it all: “Hillary Clinton Is Getting Surprisingly Little LIft From
Blacks And Hispanics.”

The bottom line is that Mrs. Clinton is unlikely to benefit from the same
jump in black turnout and support that Mr. Obama had. Similarly, she is
unlikely to repeat the same jump in support from Hispanic voters. It is
possible she won’t see any gains among these groups at all.

However “deplorable” Clinton and her Democrats might think they are for
their daring to express support for Trump, black voters — outside of spoiled
NFL quarterbacks
hyped up college students and mouthy MSNBC hosts — understand that in the
real world, a real country needs a real economy that works – and a real
military that fights a real enemy that the commander in chief really names
projects enough power that it doesn’t have to fight).

The country’s eight-year holiday from reality with Barack Obama is coming
to an end, and these polls show black voters know it.

If all goes well with the “deplorables” Hillary scorns, she and her minions
should be finding that out shortly after the polls close on Nov. 8.

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