1991 Barack Obama Bio: “Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

By Gary DeMar <> September 19, 2016

Hillary and the compliant media are doing everything they can to derail
Trump’s surge in the polls and keep Hillary propped up (literally). There
seems to be some movement among blacks toward Trump. A five or ten percent
shift in the black vote toward Trump would be significant.

When things begin to go south for Democrats, they play the race card.
Claiming that President Obama might not have been born in the United States
is a “race card” issue. Trump raised it in 2011. This forced Hawaiian
authorities to release a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, although it was
not a copy of the original.

It’s obvious from the historical record that Trump did not originate the
birther issue. It was floating around before he took up the quest for the

>From what we know, and the media are not reporting, the birther subject was
spawned in the bowels of the Clinton campaign. Did Hillary personally
promote it? Probably not. It was done by surrogates so she could claim
plausible deniability. “Who me?” She had and has her “buffers” like all
crime families do. The following scene is from the *Godfather II* Senate

Here is some of what we know:

“[Ben Smith and Byron Tau] detailed in a lengthy four-page-long
investigation how in April 2008, when Clinton was slipping in her battle
against Obama for the Democratic nomination for the presidency, ‘Clinton
supporters’—as they say—circulated an anonymous email chain that pushed the

“‘Barack Obama’s mother was living in Kenya with his Arab-African father
late in her pregnancy. She was not allowed to travel by plane then, so
Barack Obama was born there and his mother then took him to Hawaii to
register his birth,’ the email that Clinton supporters circulated read.”

“Those anonymous people were hardly the only ones. In fact, as Joshua Green
*The Atlantic* in August 2008, a March 19, 2007 strategy memo from longtime
Clinton adviser Mark Penn proves that the Clinton campaign itself was
pushing the conspiracy theory. Penn, in the memo, advocated that Clinton
target Obama’s ‘lack of American roots.’” (Breitbart

I suggest that you read the entire Breitbart article to see how Hillary’s
2008 presidential campaign was knee-deep in the suggestion that Obama was
not born in the United States and his “lack of American roots.”1

But the birther issue goes back further – to 1991. Joseph Farah of WND
asks, “Who Was the First ‘Birther’?

“Trump was hardly the first ‘birther.’ Neither was I. Nor was my colleague
Jerome Corsi. And neither was Hillary Clinton.

“That honor belongs to one person and one person alone – Barack Obama.”

How is this possible?

“Obama went to extreme lengths to conceal his past. And, indeed, if he
*was* born
in the U.S. and *was* eligible to serve as president, he certainly did his
best to create the mystery that led to the question being asked.

“Years earlier, he billed himself as having been born in Kenya.

“Maybe he thought it was a sexy way to sell books, get a foreign student
scholarship, attract women – who knows?

“But it’s a fact that he boasted about it.” (WND

The evidence? It comes from a short bio that was “used by Barack Obama’s
literary agency beginning in 1991 and ending in 2007 – the year he declared
his candidacy for president.” Here’s the first sentence of the opening
paragraph (Breitbart

“Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law
Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

[image: Description: obama-kenya-bio]

Even Snopes <>
says it’s true. The editor of the short biography states that it “was a
simple mistake and nothing more” to say that Obama was born in Kenya. I’ll
take him at his word. But it remains a fact that there was a biography from
a “client list Acton & Dystel published in 1991” that states that Obama was
born in Kenya that remained unquestioned until 2007. Obama himself had 16
years to disavow the information and call for a correction. It would have
been unusual for a literary agency not to send a copy of the bio to Obama
for his approval. Are we to believe that in 16 years in never saw the bio?

In addition, there is ample evidence that people inside the Clinton
campaign gave credence to the Kenyan birther issue for political reasons in
order to sabotage Obama’s campaign.

The media will continue to claim that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do
with the birther issue because a lie is better than a Trump presidency.

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