If Trump’s annoying the Muslim Brotherhood, he’s on the right track.



*Trump Met With Egypt’s President, Infuriated Egyptians - Vocativ*

The Muslim Brotherhood is the Islamic party to which ousted President
Mohammed Morsi belonged to. It won the majority of parliamentary votes in
the 2012 election that followed the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak
at the height of the Arab Spring, but failed to keep support among the
public after issuing authoritarian decrees and failing to institute reforms.

Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton both met with world
leaders in New York for the annual General Assembly by the United
Nations. Clinton told Sisi she looked forward to talking about building “a
new civil society” and a modern country in Egypt that will respect the rule
of law, human rights, and liberties, CNN

Pro-regime Egyptian media
<http://www.almasryalyoum.com/news/details/1011325> claimed that Trump
promised Sisi in their meeting that if he becomes the next president of the
United States, he will pass legislation designating the Muslim Brotherhood
a terror organization. Walid Phares, a former Lebanese militia fighter who
now serves as foreign policy advisor for Trump, told local media that
that legislation, however “ultimately depends on the majority of the

A statement from Trump’s campaign
the meeting didn’t mention the pledge at all, but even so reports from
Trump/Sisi meeting made waves on social media. Thousands of Egyptian and
Arab users shared reports about Trump’s new election promise, and both
sides of the debate posted their own comments.

Some pledged support for Trump, saying
victory of Trump is better for us than Hillary, as it means that the
Brotherhood and the fifth column will not pin their hopes on her anymore.
You might say that both are the same, and I’m saying both are essentially
Zionist and Trump is even Jewish, but Hillary the snake is much more
dangerous for Egypt.”

A supporter for the Egyptian president said
<https://twitter.com/ashrafsaad306/status/778146592062857216> “I hope the
crazy Nazi Trump will win because of my hatred toward the chameleon Hillary
Clinton, what she did for us and her support for the Brotherhood and
ISIS.” Another celebrated the statements, saying it means
<https://twitter.com/magdy20161/status/777967069975502848>“the end of the
Brotherhood in Egypt.”

But others attacked
<https://twitter.com/MR_MAHFUOZ/status/778126618732748801>Sisi who “wanted
to meet Trump, the hater of Islam and Muslims.” Another said
<https://twitter.com/Majdi__M/status/778159983502454784>“I don’t understand
why Sisi met with Trump. Just to label the Brotherhood as a terror
movement? Trump considers all Arabs and Muslims terrorists.” Others said:
<https://twitter.com/ahmedzarzora2/status/778147113708425217>“Why are you
afraid of Trump as a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood? America is
(still) the great Satan, it doesn’t matter.”

الصورة دي فيها 90% من جهل الكرة الارضية #السيسي
#ترامب <https://twitter.com/hashtag/%D8%AA%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%85%D8%A8?src=hash>
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— whale shark (@_Lsman) 12:35 AM - 20 Sep 2016

According to Trump’s campaign, the candidate highlighted “how Egypt and the
U.S. share a common enemy and the importance of working together in
defeating radical Islamic terrorism, not only politically and militarily,
but also addressing the ideology.”

The issue of designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group in the
United States isn’t new. Earlier this year, a Republican-led House
Committee approved legislation to label the group
terror organization, something  the Sisi government welcomed, saying: “it
shows that the entire world has started realizing Egypt’s point of view.”

Morsi won the presidency in elections in 2012
but served for little over a year before more protests and intervention
from the military removed him from power. He is currently in prison and
facing several charges and prison sentences, including a death sentence.
The Muslim Brotherhood swore off violence in the 1970s, but its military
offshoot, the Gamaa Islamiyah, is designated a terror organization by the
U.S. State Department.

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