Christian and Jewish charities sign up for self ... - American Thinker 
American Thinker
Nov 10, 2015 - *Christian* and *Jewish* charities are at the epicenter of “
*refugee* resettlement. ... There are nine non-*profit* organizations (most 
of them religious charities) that are ... *Church* World 
Service/Immigration and *Refugee* Program offers ...

Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US - The New Observer 
Feb 9, 2016 - However, this rallying *American Jews* “for the global 
*refugee* cause” does not ... she and her staff work with *congregations*, 
lay leaders, and rabbis to raise .... vanguard of the NGOs and non-*profit* 
organizations that are bringing millions ... The problem is they hate *us 
christians* more than they hate muslims.

8 Facts About the U.S. Program to Resettle Syrian Refugees | US News 
U.S. News & World Report
Nov 20, 2015 - Among them, *refugees* have to pay back the money for the 
plane ... Those agencies include: *Church* World Service, Ethiopian .... 
Five of the nine resettlement agencies are *Christian* and one is *Jewish*, 
but all serve *refugees* of ...

HIAS - Welcome the stranger. Protect the refugee. <>
NEW VIDEO: A *Jewish*-Muslim-*Christian Refugee* Story. WATCH: A *Jewish*
-Muslim-*Christian* ... *USA* Today: World Must Recommit to *Refugees*. Sep 
19, 2016.

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