Hillary’s Submission to Militant Muslims

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*September 21, 2016, 12:15 am*
*Nothing comforts them more than the prospect of an easy victory.*

In her infamous lecture about “smart power” in 2014, Hillary Clinton said
that American leaders must “understand” and “empathize” with Islamic
terrorists. She has the empathy down but not the understanding.

She still can’t grasp the obvious theological motivation of the Islamic
terrorists, which comes not from what they read in American newspapers but
from what they read in the Koran and the Hadith. Whether American leaders
are praising or condemning Islam is irrelevant to them. For almost sixteen
years, America’s feckless political class, which Hillary epitomizes, has
fostered the delusion that if leaders just spoke more soothingly about
Islam its militancy would dissipate. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama
fatuously declared that America is not at “war with Islam” even as it
leading imams declared war on America. Bush and Obama talked endlessly
about Islam as a religion of peace. Meanwhile, the terrorist tentacles of
Islam just grew longer and longer.

After every eruption of Islamic terrorism, Americans have been instructed
by the ruling class’s propagandists not to see it as evidence of a
“religious war.” But it is a religious war, with the exception that only
one side is fighting it. In Hillary’s flailing and stale claim that
rhetorical intemperance is provoking Islamic terrorism, ISIS can take true
comfort, insofar as it signals yet another white flag in the war. Nothing
encourages an enemy more than the prospect of victory against a weak

In a warbling Hillary, clinging desperately to the clichés of a failed
political class, Americans see little “resolve” and a lot of “fear.”
Anybody wondering what her administration would look like just had to watch
the pathetic response of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio and New York
governor Andrew Cuomo to last weekend’s terrorist attack. Looking like a
tranquilized giraffe, de Blasio surveyed the scene and concluded that it
revealed evidence of “intentional” behavior but not terrorism, while a
casually dressed Cuomo bumptiously asserted that it did not point to
“international terrorism.” Anybody wondering what the priorities of her
administration would be just had to read the *New York Times* on the day of
the attack, which featured a story
about “hate crimes against American Muslims.”

Accompanying the story was a picture of a funereal scene, with the caption:
“People waited for the coffin of one of two men, an imam in Queens and his
assistant, who were shot dead last month.” Given that those murders haven’t
been declared hate crimes, it was an absurdly biased photo to select to
illustrate the story. The *Times* just reports breezily near the second
half of the piece: “Last month, an imam in Queens and his assistant were
shot and killed execution-style on the sidewalk. The authorities have
charged a 35-year-old man in the attack but have not determined a motive or
whether it should be treated as a hate crime.”

The story is full of biased hedges, sources, and information so incomplete
as to be meaningless. It is a story about an “apparent increase” in hate
crimes that are “apparently fueled by terrorist attacks in the United
States and abroad and by divisive language on the campaign trail,” with
“some scholars” believing that Donald Trump is responsible for it. The
story has all the objectivity of a press release from CAIR.

Straining to make this supposed spike in Trump-fueled hate crimes sound
menacing, the *Times* reports that somebody back in May claimed that a
Trump supporter once “reportedly poured liquid on a Muslim woman” in
Washington, D.C. We’re not told what the liquid was (water?) or if there
was any proof or resolution to the complaint. On such shaky and fragmentary
information, the *Times* alleges a “problem” and then tells us that
“researchers say” the lack of proof of hate crimes is itself proof of them
and even proof that the problem is greater than anyone can fathom, since
“victims are often reluctant to report attacks for fear of inflaming
community tensions, and because it is sometimes difficult for investigators
to establish that religious, ethnic or racial hatred was a cause.”

Such are the preoccupations of Hillary’s envisioned America, where the
ruling class extends empathy to every culture except its own. No sooner had
the Islamic terrorist been caught on Monday than she and her supporters
resumed their babble about cultural relativism. Cuomo hit the airwaves to
warn against the loss of “American values,” as if the founding fathers
shared his blindness to the militancy of Islam. Hillary surrogates
criticized Trump for not appreciating the terrorist’s right to the best
hospitals and attorneys. And then there was the usual prattle about
“partnering” with Muslim leaders who renounce violence. When Trump did,
meeting with the Egyptian president at the United Nations this week, that
was dismissed too.

All of the spinning was designed to distract the public from the fact that
Islamic terrorism spread under Obama’s policies and Hillary promises more
of the same. It is in the porousness of political correctness that Islamic
terrorists see their path to America and find their greatest comfort — the
comfort of knowing they can actually win.


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