Where did DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Get Five Hundred Grand to Donate to the

September 19, 2016

A career civil servant with that kind of money ought to be surprising,
especially in lieu of his subsequent outreach efforts to proven Muslim
Brotherhood outfits.

*UPDATE:  During the years when Republicans controlled the levers of power,
Johnson worked for a law firm that represented the Guantanamo Bay detainees
- very vigorously
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison attorneys went so far as to
smuggle in materials to the detainees.  "If I'd gotten caught passing war
news to detainees," one former DOD official said, "my security clearance
would have been pulled."*

This week has seen the release of many incriminating documents
from the Democratic National Convention (DNC), via Wikileaks' so-called
"Guccifer 2.0."  The authenticity of these documents is in some question,
as they passed through the hands of an outfit which has alleged Russian
ties.  Hackers are in the business of violating people's expectations of
privacy in unethical ways, and the interests of foreign powers are not
necessarily aligned with the interests of the United States.  We cannot be
sure that the hackers are ethical enough to pass the documents on
unaltered, in other words, nor that the release of the documents is not
chiefly aimed at some hostile foreign nation's ends.  Thus, we have to
analyze all of these documents with some care.

By the same token, however, it is worth analyzing these documents with that
care.  America was founded with a system of checks and balances intended to
prevent one branch of government from becoming too powerful.  That was true
both within the Federal government, where the three branches are balanced
against each other, and between the Federal government and the states.
Those systems of checks and balances have become increasingly compromised
by unethical behavior within the Federal government, such as the IRS
scandal.  It has been further compromised by the increased centralization
of power that has tipped the balance away from the states and toward the
central, Federal, government.  We are less likely to see our own system
performing adequately to check centralized power, and thus might consider
external checks such as that provided by a foreign power with opposing
interests to our administration's.

Likewise, credibility is the currency of "special war
<>" -
including information warfare of the type the Russians are using here.  If
their outlets are not credible, they will be less effective.  We must
always check to see whether they are trying to slip one past us, of
course.  On the other hand, they have an interest in providing damaging
information that is accurate and that will be found credible on
investigation.  We can't skip the investigation, but there is a *prima
facie* reason to take the charges seriously pending an investigation.

In terms of the Counterjihad movement, the corruption of the American
administration <>creates
several problems.  If high posts are for sale, they might not be occupied
by the best people.  Worse, though, they might be *bought* by the *wrong*
people.  The sale of high offices allows a means of influence on our
government that is not accountable to the people, especially given that it
was handled secretly - and by a political party, not a formal branch of

For example, consider the case of Department of Homeland Security czar Jeh
Johnson.  Johnson is a career public servant.  Yet he was able to come up
with over half a million dollars in cash
<>to donate to the
DNC - and then "feigned disbelief" when he got the job of leading the
Homeland Security agency

How has he used this post?  Oddly enough, we were just talking about that the
other day
Johnson decided to appear at the conference of a known Muslim Brotherhood
front organization, while "fully aware" of its terrorist ties.

As CJ first reported Sunday
ISNA had been considered off-limits to such high-level appearances since
the U.S. Justice Department in 2008 designated the group as an unindicted
in the largest terrorist financing case in U.S. history and a front
organization for the radical Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood

Johnson's spokesman Neema Hakim told CJ that, despite ISNA's terrorist ties
and radical background, Johnson agreed to appear at the event because he
considered it an "opportunity" to conduct outreach with the American Muslim

"DHS and the secretary are fully aware of past evidence and allegations
concerning ISNA and carefully considered them before accepting ISNA's
invitation," Hakim said.

While there, he shared a stage with a Holocaust denier and a known leader
of the Muslim Brotherhood

Nor was this the only occasion on which he has made moves amenable to the
Brotherhood. In June, he testified before Congress admitting that his
agency had scrubbed references to Islam from counter-terror materials that
they produced.  He claimed to have "no idea"
how that happened.

Earlier in June, Johnson downplayed the role of a radical Islamist community
<> in the Pulse nightclub
shootings.  He said that shooter Omar Mateen "was ‘self-radicalized'
without any religious, ideological or operational support from friends,
family or others in the Muslim community."  Yet it turned out that Mateen
had ties to a known radical imam
one who had served as a bodyguard for the "blind sheikh" who carried out
the first World Trade Center attacks.  Perhaps it was worth considering
that Mateen might have targeted the gay nightclub in part because of the
harsh language his mentor used towards "f****ts" in America, and Islam's
duty towards them?

To be clear, we at CounterJihad have no idea where Jeh Johnson got all that
money.  We have no evidence establishing a causal relationship between the
inexplicably large donation from a career public servant and his subsequent
support of Brotherhood outlets, or the Brotherhood's agenda.  We cannot
even be certain that the documents establishing the donation are themselves
fully genuine.  We have to be suspicious of them at first face, given that
they passed through the hands of pro-Russian actors.

Nevertheless, we do have questions.  Those questions seem like important
questions to us.  We would like answers.  And in a free society, for now,
we still have the right to ask those questions and to demand some answers.

Read more: Family Security Matters
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