*Hillary campaign manager: 'I know she has begun to hate everyday
Americans' *

Posted By *Bob Unruh* On 10/11/2016

There long has been evidence of Hillary Clinton’s sense of entitlement –
the stories of her ordering Secret Service officers to carry her bags, her
unabashed demands for hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches, her
insistence on specific travel accommodations and much more.

Now there’s evidence of exactly what she thinks of the average American who
works hard and pays taxes to support the Washington establishment.

Not much.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans,” wrote her campaign
manager, John Podesta, in an email.

The email has surfaced in a WikiLeaks dump of Podesta’s emails. Infowars’
Paul Joseph Watson
the email, sent by Podesta on April 19, 2015, was a discussion about what
“talking points Hillary should use in framing her candidacy for president
in order to get a good head start.”

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use
it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and
everyday Americans need a champion,” he wrote. “I think if she doesn’t say
it once, people will notice and say we false started in Iowa.”

Her director of communications, Jennifer Palmieri, responded, “Truth.”

“To emphasize,” Watson wrote, “John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign guru, is in
black and white admitting that Hillary Clinton hates everyday Americans.
This is *huge.*”

He noted previous emails on the topic, including one in which Clinton
admitted during a Goldman Sachs speech she was “far removed” from the
middle class, and yet another in which “Clinton campaign surrogate Bill
Ivey talks about the need to maintain political power by producing ‘an
unaware and compliant citizenry.'”

*See the email:*

*Hillary for prosecution, not president! Join the sizzling campaign to put
Mrs. Clinton where she really belongs

The leaked emails also included an internal Clinton campaign email talking
about how to generate “U-S-A, U-S-A chants during her riff” at a rally.

It contrasted that effort with “the angry white guy U-S-A chants at Trump

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