So this moron who claimed this was saying she didn't have enough 
information to make a decision.

Here was my reply:

If someone is undecided at this point, they are either too stupid or too 
lazy to see the stark contrasts between these two candidates.

One wants to lower taxes, the other wants to raise them.
One wants to lower the corporate tax rate to 15% to stimulate jobs and the 
economy, the other wants to heap more regulations on them instead.
One wants to close our porous borders to illegals that cost Americans jobs 
and security, the other wants open borders.
One fully supports the Second Amendment, the other stated that the Heller 
(DC gun ban) case was wrongly decided (in other words, Hillary does not 
an individual right to bear arms).
One thinks we should re-negotiate trade deals to make them more fair to 
American workers, the other never saw a trade deal she didn't like, no 
matter how much it screws Americans.
One favors an "all of the above" approach to energy, the other favors more 
of Obama's save the snails nonsense that keeps us dependent on foreign oil.
One favors school choice for all, the other is fully beholden to teachers' 
unions and their failed public schools - just like every other democrat in 
One has stated he will do whatever is necessary to wipe out ISIS, the 
other's policies and failed tenure as Secretary of State resulted in the 
formation of ISIS and she's stated she will not send ground troops to wipe 
them out.
One doesn't automatically assume that every police shooting of a black man 
is because of racism or bad cops, the other does and supports Black Lives 
Matter lies.
One has said some stupid and vulgar things when he was working in the 
entertainment industry, the other has done some stupid, irresponsible, 
illegal, and dangerous things that endangered our national security while 
Secretary of State. And she also hired someone to intimidate Bill Clinton's 
accusers to remain silent.

How on Earth someone who considers these drastic differences and still 
can't decide who to vote for is beyond reason.


I'm sure I missed a few, but seriously, how freaking stupid are those 
claiming to be undecided if it's issues they claim will decide their vote?

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