THEY TRIED TO HIDE IT! Wikileaks Releases Single Email That Hits Hillary

John S. Roberts <>•

12:57pm October 14, 2016

[image: WikiLeaks Releases Email Showing Hillary Team Shielding Obama 1 Day
After Emails Were Subpoenaed]Getty Images

Do you recall when Barack Obama said he didn’t know about
then-SecState Hillary Clinton’s private email server?

The media probably doesn’t.

We later learned that 44 used a pseudonym
when communicating with Clinton.

Now, another WikiLeaks reveal shows an attempt by Hillary’s team to shield
Obama the *day after* her emails were subpoenaed.

Can you say, cover-up?

Because that’s what this is.

Everyone knew that Clinton was in the wrong, and they all went along for
the ride.

ALERT: After subpoena @JohnPodesta <>
suggested withholding emails between HRC & BO.

I'd say those were pretty damn material to investigation. <>

— Harlan Hill (@Harlan) October 14, 2016

#Podesta <> email to Cheryl
Mills: "Think we should hold emails to and from POTUS? That's the heart of
exec privilege." <>

— Fox News (@FoxNews) October 14, 2016

#Wikileaks <>
3/3/15 Trey Gowdy subpoenas Clinton emails
3/4/15 Podesta emails Cheryl Mills asks 2w/hold Obama emails via executive

— Deplorable Lori (@Holly1L) October 14, 2016

Cheryl Mills and John Podesta discussing holding emails to and from Obama.
Obama did know about private server!!!!! Boom#PodestaEmails7
<> <>

— eddie (@eddiecarl4468) October 14, 2016

How can people say these sort of actions don’t matter? The malfeasance is
off the chain.

How can they seep at night knowing they’re backing the most corrupt
politician of her era?

Why are we more concerned with rumors about Trump
over facts about Hillary?

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