16 October 2016
Lower-Level FBI Agents Point to Massive High-Level FBI Corruption in Hillary’s Case
Michael S. Rozeff

“BREAKING: FBI in Revolt ­ Top FBI Official Exposes Massive Corruption Which Let Clinton’s Crimes Slide”

See also here for more news on this scandal.

Divided government in which at least some people blow whistles, or have a conscience, or have a regard for doing their jobs properly, or actually care for the interest of Americans at large, is better than monolithic government shaded evil. Yet, the court of public opinion, public pressure upon government, and public remedy for corruption are weak, halting and usually inoperative. That court requires direct government in some manner or through some institutions by individual Americans. They are at present elections and money used to influence representatives. The route from these to actual control of government by ordinary Americans (the un-monied interests) apparently requires some sort of emotionally-engaging campaign, with ideas underlying it that stir people up, sweep people up and carry them along. At least, that is what has occurred occasionally throughout American history. This kind of wave is not visible at present, and even if it does occur, there is no guarantee that it will produce results that libertarians would applaud. It’s up to libertarians to lay a foundation by making the case for a libertarian reformation.

The Hillary Clinton-FBI scandal is huge, larger than Watergate. It involves the Clinton Foundation and the corruption of taking foreign payoffs for favors to foreign persons. Narrowly considered, Hillary Clinton violated portions of the U.S. Code that disqualify people from holding office in the U.S. government. The statute does not and can not, however, disqualify her from running for president and being elected, because the Constitution has precedence over any statute and its required qualifications are few and simple. Thieves, brigands, robbers, rapists and murderers can run for office and be elected. Congress can’t pass a law filtering them out ahead of time.

Hillary Clinton will enter office wounded and widely disliked, reviled in some quarters, and unpopular no matter what the vote. Many people will feel cheated. I can’t predict how that will play out in her behavior or in her dealings with Congress or in her relations with Americans; but I’ll still speculate. She’ll probably make an effort to change the subject, which means promoting her agenda energetically. She’ll have the powers of the office and many in Congress will play along. It’s when she makes her first palpable blunders that her wounded status will reinforce her troubles and weaken her in the office. Media may well turn less friendly than at present, because a troubled presidency makes for better stories. The vultures will circle when she blunders and difficulties or crises crop up. Those who placed their hopes in her will experience disappointments. Her appointments are likely to be heavily examined and criticized. Her priorities will be questioned. She’ll want tax increases and a variety of programs that cause reduced productivity. Confusion is likely to occur rather quickly in Washington under her leadership. New and old scandals will provide a constant source of irritants to her as details seep out. If Obama was attacked on such grounds as his birth certificate and religion, we are likely to see many such attacks on Hillary’s reputation and with definite and strong foundations such as her handling of communications as Secretary of State. Hillary’s weaknesses as a leader will show through, sooner or later, as they did with Obama.

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