No one can accomplish anything alone and the more people working together 
to accomplish a goal the quicker is will be accomplished. "If all men work 
together there is nothing that they can not do"  The duties of government 
is to organize and to direct the efforts of it's people to provide the 
necessities that people alone can not provide for themselves. When is comes 
down to it the government is just people working together for the common 
good.  No government can survive without the support of it's people and 
 just as no person can survive without the support of others. I feel that a 
good government is one that propose is the common good and that propose is 
supported by its people.  In a win lose situation everybody loses.  We all 
live in the same world and if one person loses we all lose, if one person 
is hungry we all have a problem, and if one person has a  problem it is our 
problem. It is said that competition leads to growth but real growth comes 
when people are working together on the same problem.
Get help.         Each of us is unique there is no person like you in the 
world, never has been and never will be. Problems our different 
circumstances may change but the same problems have been faced by everyone 
who has ever lived and everyone understands that they exist. No matter what 
the problem be it food, shelter, security, acceptance, health, loneliness, 
respect, or love we can find no solution by ourselves. We our not alone in 
the world, never have been and never will be, other people are our the 
solution to these problems just as we are the solution to theirs. They may 
never understand us but they will understand the problem. How do you get 
others to help you? By helping them, remember we our the answer to their 
problems also. I do not have all the answers. You do not have all the 
answers. But everybody has all the answers. We all live in one world and 
any problem is everybody’s Problem let us get together  and solve them.  

A Federal workforce 

I would like to propose a federal work force that anyone could enlist in 
and that would provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education 
to all its members in return for meaningful work.  Millions of people or 
ether not working or working at jobs that do not benefit the general 
welfare.It is not the work that is lacking nor the people willing to do it. 
It is only the wasteful lack of organizational skills and the profit 
motives in the private sector that allow this great resource of labor to go 

By providing these people with their basic needs that we all deserve we 
will unlock the potential of a vast army of workers, and vast resources 
 that we have been wasting. Members of this workforce would work at any job 
as long as it was deemed to be in the public good and they were capable to 
do it or be trained to do it. They could leave anytime for the private 
sector losing only the security of the government service. 

These workers could used in government, construction, education, 
healthcare, production, police, child care, or hired out to private 
industry. There is a great treasure just waiting to be found and that 
treasure is our people it is time we find that treasure.

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