Do not fight. In a win lose situation everyone loses. The only way to win 
is to help them achieve what they need in a way that helps all. We all must 
live in the same world and no one is alone. We all need the help of others 
and to get it you have to give. Every enemy we have is in need and if we 
can find a way to help them we will help ourselves. If one person is hungry 
we all our hungry and if one person loses we all lose.

To make our lives better we must work to make everyone's life better. We 
must work ,not for our good but for the common good then when we win 
everyone will win. In every decision that we make each day we must strive 
to make life better.HOW TO WIN

There is just one way to defeat an opponent and that is to make him a 
partner. No one can win win fighting against something. No one can succeed 

On Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 3:29:56 AM UTC-6, Jeff wrote:
> What are your own current strategies for combatting terrorism in the 
> world today and in future - either financially, militarily, 
> politically, diplomatically, spiritually, or a combo of either all, or 
> some of these elements. 

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