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But if he breaks a *major* campaign promise, his supporters will turn on 
him with a blind ferocity, dwarfing their rage toward Jeb! because Trump’s 
is the more exquisite con. He will have duped them. And he will never, 
ever, ever get them back.
That's a little Gothic baroque there, seems to me, especially in light of 
the mincing around the word "promise." Haven't we already begun bracing for 
what we already know are broken promises by giving permission for Trump to 
define which promises are major and which are not?

Isn't it business as usual? Haven't we always found ourselves willingly 
yoked by the tyranny of low expectations? Reagan's rule - don't criticize 
our own - the opposition will do it for us.

Only in the case of Trump, not only have we accepted the old politicians 
trick, "read my lips," on a sliding scale of meaning, but added permission 
to redefine the new red-meat phrases that energized the base as 'sarcasm,' 
'literary license,' and 'hyperbole'.

Ann, if you go ballistic about "broken promises," you'll be facing the 
populist movement we've based all our hopes on, alone.. Do I have to remind 
you what awaits you on that road?

First, you'll be "crazy Ann" - that "disgusting person," who he never 
thought was a very good writer. Never read your books. Shortly followed by 
character assassination - every day will be a bad hair day - bad lighting 
in the studio, or in a late night, grainy paparazzi photo .. sunken eye 
sockets.. Rosie was a fat pig.. you'll be a skinny witch, maybe with a sly 
sniff into the microphone for emphasis. Perhaps Trump will muse aloud 
during a press conference without naming you, whether an Adam's apple is a 
dead give-away for... well, you know.

and then there's twitter.

Oh, your friends at Fox will help you out at first, give you some air-time 
like a two-headed snake - the sensation of the hour, poked and prodded like 
a specimen in a jar.. will Hannity abandon Trump, that he single handedly 
elected, for your unique commentary, book tours and biting insights?

If your list of "major" promises disagrees with his, I suggest you parrot 
his exact phrases describing his rationalizations - as all the others who 
depend on populism for their celebrity, and continued income, will.

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