Just curious, are you on or off of legally prescribed psychotropic meds 

Jeezus Euwe.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 10:18:57 PM UTC-5, euwe wrote:
> Better strike while the iron is hot - Dems and RINOs both seem willing to 
> go down on their knees to prove they're better than you... looks like your 
> "fuck them, they won't do the same when the tables are turned" ruse worked!
> Dems are all messed up in the head, not raised by alcoholics converted to 
> crazed evangelists, and without the need to project false Christianity to 
> cover a lifetime of sins.
> Dems are generous and accepting while Republicans are in power, working 
> with them to achieve their "mandate".. and then, when Republicans bankrupt 
> the nation in wars based on lies...and their sycophants grudgingly lose 
> their enthusiasm for Goldman Sachs paying off Citibank's gambling debts 
> with our children's future, and the Dems come in with the cleaning 
> nigger.....
> Republicans obstruct everything, publicly showing disrespect, insulting 
> and demonizing not just the office of the President, but savage even their 
> own for an unsolicited handshake or hug to show that during disaster 
> recovery, the common cause is the people... while Dems try to be 
> magnanimous and take "the high road," "reach across the aisle," to show 
> America a willingness to compromise with the minority party, and work 
> together for the benefit of all...
> ...and the Dems constituents, look on, horrified as the mandate they sent 
> to congress is squandered - and see it for what it is - spineless 
> surrender.. like France in WWII - the Nazis aren't bad, they're just drawn 
> that way in the comics... all they need is exposure to cooperation, 
> kindness, trust and mutual respect. Appease them, show them the Dems 
> genuinely care about their concerns... paying forward.. Republicans get it 
> coming and going... but this Trump thing is different!
> Looks like they're gonna go full frontal and show you how it's done at the 
> Joy Motel after midnight... a ring through the tongue, Velcro snaps on the 
> teddy, lube by the bed, romantic lighting... better jump on that shit 
> before they wise up! Your man has his 70-year old, shriveled up, spotted 
> dick in his hand and is ready to drive his policies HOME, baby!
> - Throw away that torch bitch, you won't be needing that! Get that crown 
> off.. let's pull a train on this slut, boys! First in line goes to Goldman 
> Sachs, the highest bidder in the fire sale of the century.. this is gonna 
> be one for the history books! Put Carrier not going to Mexico on the night 
> stand before you leave! Ok, now who's going to take sloppy seconds? Don't 
> be shy... it's on the house, thank the man in the white shoes and baseball 
> cap!
> Tell me what you want, do you want it missionary with your feet crammed 
> into the head board?
> Do you want it from the back with your face in the pillow so you can
> yell it loud as you want to?
> Do you want it on the floor? Do you want it on the chair?
> Do you want it over here? Do you want it over there?
> Do you want it in ya pussy? Do you want it in ya ass?
> Trump'll give you anything you can handle!
> How ya like it daddy?
> *So.... what do you want?*
> Home schooled baptist parishes where abortion is punished as first degree 
> murder? Public school vouchers, no capital gains tax, no property tax? War 
> waged solely for conquest and demonstration of power, to instill fear, and 
> to take the spoils of the defeated to fund public projects, build monuments 
> to Trump and to expand our military might?
> Forced military service for ages 18-24 with no deferments?
> Apartheid?
> Replacement of the term "Ally" with tribute payments as "protection money?"
> Rescind women's right to vote, to work, and own property?
> Require European ancestry for citizenship?
> A return to indentured slavery?
> Children as property?
> A return to child labor?
> Public dress code?
> National religion?
> A southern, sovereign nation?
> How about writing up a manifesto and sending it along to our schizo in 
> chief? He might have a position for you close to the throne.
> Try and not suggest things that Bannon surely suggested already... Trump's 
> a busy man.
> I'm committed to keeping an open mind - I'm not drawing any lines in the 
> sand... let's work together on this.

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