I think Bill O'Reilly got the shaft! I read a report where one woman said  
she felt he was "leering" at her and found his comment objectionable when he 
 referred to her as "hot chocolate." Give me a break! "Leering" is totally  
subjective and some might say it was just "a good hard look" and how can 
she  read the mind of someone who is looking at her? "Hot chocolate" sounds 
like a  great compliment to me but to a black woman from a ghetto who has 
heard the most  foulest of language directed at black women from black men 
(listen to the rap  lyrics of black rappers about women) "hot chocolate"  would 
be nothing in  comparison to what she has been called......unless she was a  
typical liberal knee jerker who  hate powerful white men. Tucker  Carlson 
needs to be very careful as we now have seen how truly ugly and  vindictive 
the left is....they will stop at nothing to silence those who  disagree with 
them. Tucker should have a witness with him when ever he is   out side of his 
own residence. It's a tragedy that America has come to  this!
BTW, Fox should consider giving Charles Krauthammer  his own  show. 
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