Studies have demonstrated that rednecks have the lowest stress rate because
they do not understand the seriousness of most medical terminology:

*Medical Term*

*Redneck Definition*


*The study of paintings*


*Back door to cafeteria*


*What doctors do when patients die*


*What you be, after you be eight*

*Caesarean Section*

*A neighborhood in Rome*

*Cat scan*

*Searching for Kitty*


*Made eye contact with her*


*A sheep dog*


*A punctuation mark*


*To live long*


*Not a friend*


*Quicker than someone else*


*A small lie*


*Distinguished, well known*

*Labor Pain*

*Getting hurt at work*

*Medical Staff*

*A Doctor's cane*


*A higher offer*


*Rates of Pay for Working at Night,*
*Normally more money than Days*


*I knew it*


*A person who has fainted*


*Second cousin to Elvis*


*A letter carrier*


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