Workers Of The World Unite - In Prayer!
What has caused the current recession is the oppression of the working
class. Millions of jobs have been outsourced overseas. Millions of
illegal aliens have been allowed into the US to replace American
workers. Many companies have gone to temporary services to hire for
them so they don't have to provide benefits. Many companies have used
anti-union tactics and used other methods to deny workers a living
wage. Minimum wages haven't been raised in years. And this is a world
wide situation. Workers have so little spendable income left it's
starting to meltdown the world economy. And what does the Bible say
about it? James chapter 5 says that workers of the last days will be
crying unto God, the Lord of Sabaoth, about being defrauded of their
wages and God will hear their prayers. God will soon punish the
selfish rich. They have heaped gold and silver for the last days, but
the Bible says "weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon
you." James 5;1. I think God is going to throw all these selfish rich
people into hell at the time of the rapture, which could be very soon!
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