Thursday, July 1, 2010 07:48 PM

*By: John Rossomando*

President Barack Obama’s zeal to give illegal immigrants amnesty is holding
the nation’s border security hostage to his political agenda, says GOP Sen.
Jim Inhofe.

As Obama called on Congress to tackle comprehensive immigration reform in a
speech Thursday afternoon, Inhofe told Newsmax in an exclusive interview
that the president clearly is using border security as a bargaining chip to
obtain amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States.

That was the same charge made by Inhofe’s friend and colleague, Arizona GOP
Sen. John Kyl, who stirred controversy last week when he revealed a
discussion in which Obama told him that taking action to secure the Mexican
border “would remove the incentive for comprehensive immigration reform.”
The White House has denied Kyl’s allegation.

Inhofe told Newsmax that he has total faith in Kyl’s assertion because he
“has never told a lie” in the almost 25 years he has known him.

Consequently, he places more confidence in Kyl’s credibility than that of
the White House.

*Rumors in Congress suggest Obama will stop at nothing to achieve his goal
of allowing millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the country, Inhofe
said. The administration reportedly plans to use an executive order to
circumvent Congress and block the deportation of millions of illegal

Inhofe predicts the president will use his power to stop or delay the
deportation of illegals to select a block of deportees — anywhere from 1,000
to 100,000 at a time — and prevent them from being sent home.

“This is just a way for them to accomplish their agenda in this way to allow
them to do what they have failed to accomplish in the legislature,” Inhofe
says. ”It’s kind of the same they did unsuccessfully on the global warming
and cap and trade.

“They tried to do it with the EPA and the Clean Air Act; they are trying to
take everything over by the executive [branch].”

In his speech Thursday at American University in Washington, Obama seemed to
suggest that border security isn’t that important in passing immigration
reform. In fact, he raised doubts that the border could be secured at all.

America's borders are "just too vast" for the immigration problem to be
solved with fences and border patrols alone, Obama said. He also slammed
Arizona’s popular immigration law, which empowers police to arrest illegal
aliens and has found majority support in polls across the country.

Obama took Republicans to task, in particular 11 GOP senators who supported
recent efforts to improve the immigration system. He did not name any in
particular but told his largely supportive audience at American University
that those lawmakers had succumbed to the "pressures of partisanship and
election-year politics."

In response, Kyl, one of the 11 Republican senators Obama alluded to, said
he had a good reason for his position this time around.

"My constituents have said do everything you can to secure the border
first," Kyl told Fox News Channel. "It's our job to secure the border,
whether or not we end up passing so-called comprehensive immigration

Regarding cap and trade, meanwhile, Inhofe tells Newsmax that he remains
confident it is dead in the Senate and likely would be defeated even if the
Democrats try bringing it up in a modified form during the lame-duck session
following the midterms.

Nonetheless, Obama plans to do everything he can to get a carbon-emissions
tax passed. He recently met with moderate-to-liberal GOP senators such as
Olympia Snowe of Maine, seeking their backing for a restriction on CO2

“Well, they can call it anything they want, but cap and trade is cap and
trade,” says Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment
and Public Works. “And these guys all know now that. Even the more mushy
Republicans who used to be hard for me to deal with all realize that cap and
trade is the largest tax increase in the history of America.”

Democrats reportedly intend to pass some sort of “benign” sounding energy
legislation before the August recess, put it into conference with
Waxman-Markey — the House cap-and-trade bill — and pass it after the
Inhofe tells Newsmax.TV the senators who vote for this legislation will
likely be defeated.

“It doesn’t matter what they put the tax on, ultimately it’s the people …
who are going to pay,” Inhofe says. “The costs are going to be huge.”

Were cap and trade to pass, it could cost anywhere from $100 billion to $300
billion, depending on the estimate, and the Obama administration believes it
could cost each household $1,761 a year.

“The whole reason for cap and trade is to masquerade how much it would cost
the people,” Inhofe says, regarding why the Democrats do not pass a simple
carbon tax instead of cap and trade.

Even though Senate passage is unlikely, liberals such as John Kerry and Joe
Lieberman keep pushing cap and trade to ingratiate themselves with the
“far-left environmental extremists” and get them to contribute to their
campaigns, Inhofe tells Newsmax.TV.

The senator likewise dismisses Lieberman’s claim to have found additional
senators to support cap and trade because he believes the Senate’s moderates
likely would not vote for it due to its likely economic harm.

On Afghanistan, Inhofe says “there is no greater hero than David Petraeus”
to win that war, and victory hinges around his ability to pull off the same
strategy he enacted in Iraq.

“I think we have the right person in there doing it, and if David Petraeus
can’t pull off a successful surge, no one can,” he says. “David Petraeus is
not going to do his job unless he has the unfettered authority through the
White House to get it done, and I think the problem McChrystal had was he
had all of these appointees … who were really disrupting.

“Hopefully, that’s in the past.”

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