I pushed an update today that prevents importing one Pollen source into another 
without changing the name of the imported `doc` and `metas`. If this is 
bothersome please let me know whether I should reconsider (ideally with an 
example that shows a practical use)

This wasn't behavior that was guaranteed before. It just happened to work — 
e.g., you could import one Pollen source into another, and use its `doc` 
without anything bad happening.

But I also don't mind preventing it, because it seems mischievous and 
potentially confusing.

The update does not prevent importing other Pollen sources with `prefix-in` to 
distinguish each `doc` / `metas` pair, which was always the wiser policy 
anyhow. For instance:


#lang pollen
◊(require (prefix-in foo: "foo.html.pm")
          (prefix-in bar: "bar.html.pm"))

The doc of foo is ◊foo:doc

The metas of bar are ◊(format "~v" bar:metas)


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