> The idea of `raco pollen render --recursive` is that every directory is being 
> treated as its own subproject. Same as if you had done `cd` into each 
> directory and `raco pollen render` from there.

That makes sense, but leaves me wishing for an operation intended at rendering 
what ‘raco pollen start’ would have shown me at 

> Indeed, during a `raco pollen render` operation, there's no way to infer what 
> the "real" home directory is. Except that Pollen will search upward, to the 
> top of your filesystem if necessary, for a "pollen.rkt".

I believe the directory containing ‘pollen.rkt’ is the “real home directory.” 
Is this conception problematic?

> So I come around to thinking your solution — create your own value and export 
> it — is the right one.
> Or, you could create a pagetree in the home directory — maybe it 
> programmatically picks up the pages in the subdirectories — and render that. 
> Then you can avoid `raco pollen render --recursive`, and rather just `raco 
> pollen render` from the base directory, and `current-project-root` will 
> (should!) stay consistent.

If I don’t specify a pagetree, Pollen already generates a reasonable default 
from listing the contents of the directory. How about introducing a way to 
instruct Pollen to extend this default to include subdirectories as well?

Leandro Facchinetti <m...@leafac.com>

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