I'm having this situation where I need to call a method from the 
dom-repeat. Below is my code.

I have two arrays one is _dataArray = [{

'abcd': 1234

}, {

'efgh': 5678


and _objectArray = ['abcd', 'efgh']

Below is my code

<template is='dom-repeat' items="[[_dataArray]]" as="rowItem">
     <template is='dom-repeat' items="[[_objectArray]]" as="columnItem">
         <span>[[_getColumnItemValue(rowItem, columnItem)]]</span>

and in my _getColumnItemValue method, I want to get the value for an object 
with key specified by the columnData attribute.

Like rowData[columnData]

_getColumnItemValue: function(rowData, columnData) {
    return rowData[columnData];}

My problem is the method _getColumnItemValue is not being called. Is there 
any better way to do achieve this?

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