I have a quite simple component that presents a login screen with native 
input elements. There is a button which calls "logIn()" on click. If I 
print out the values of username/password, both are undefined. I tried 
everything, but nothing works. 

<dom-module id="dashboard-login">
            :host {
                display: block;
        <h2>Hello [[prop1]], authenticated=[[authenticated]]!</h2>
            <div><label>Username: </label><input 
            <div><label>Password: </label><input type="password" 
                <button onclick="{{logIn}}" raised>Log in</button>

         * `dashboard-login`
         * Login to Dashboard
         * @customElement
         * @polymer
         * @demo demo/index.html
        class DashboardLogin extends Polymer.Element {
            constructor() {

            static get is() {
                return 'dashboard-login';

            static get properties() {
                return {
                    prop1: {
                        type: String,
                        value: 'dashboard-login'
                    username: {
                        type: String,
                        value: 'username'
                    password: {
                        type: String,
                        value: 'password'
                    authenticated: {
                        type: Boolean,
                        value: false


            logIn() {


        window.customElements.define(DashboardLogin.is, DashboardLogin);

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