hello, i am trying to send parameters to a polymer element and i just 
cannot find a working example on how to use data-* parameters properly. 

this is what i am trying: 

$config = array(); 
$config['search_ic'] = $params->get('search_input_class', ''); 
$config['placeholder'] = $search;
$config['myid'] = $myid;
$keyword = $keyword = JRequest::getVar('keyword'); 
    $config['keyword'] = $keyword;
$config['noajax'] = (bool)$no_ajax;
$config['number_of_products'] = $params->get('number_of_products', '');
    $config['clang'] = $clang; 
$config['url'] = $url; 
$config['order_by'] = $params->get('order_by'); 

<ajaxsearch-app data-params="<?php echo htmlentities(json_encode($params)); 

and within the element definition (ajaxsearch-app.html): 

<link rel="import" 
<dom-module id="ajaxsearch-app">

<dom-module id="ajaxsearch-app">

    <input placeholder="[[dataParams.placeholder]]" 
class="inputbox_vm_ajax_search_search_str2 span2 inactive_search " 
id="vm_ajax_search_search_str2[[dataset.myid]]" name="keyword" 
type="search" value="[[dataset.keyword]]" autocomplete="off" 
   onblur="javascript: return search_setText('', this, 
'[[dataset.myid]]');" onfocus="javascript: aj_inputclear(this, 
'[[dataset.number_of_products]]', '[[dataset.clang]]', '[[dataset.myid]]', 
'[[dataset.url]]');" onkeyup="javascript:search_vm_ajax_live(this, 
'[[dataset.number_of_products]]', '[[dataset.clang]]', '[[dataset.myid]]', 
'[[dataset.url]]', '[[dataset.order_by']]); "  />


     * @customElement
     * @polymer
    class AjaxsearchApp extends Polymer.Element {
ready() {
      this.addEventListener('keypress', e => this.handlePress(e));
handlePress(e) {
      static get is() { return 'ajaxsearch-app'; }
  static get ready() {
      static get properties() {
        return {
          prop1: {
            type: String,
            value: 'ajaxsearch-app'
  params: {
     type: Object,
value: {}

    window.customElements.define(AjaxsearchApp.is, AjaxsearchApp);

can anyone point me to a documentation or provide a full example of the 
element definition and element usage which got both "data-*" definition and 
also uses the parameters within the html of the element ? any search in 
google for polymer2 ends up at polymer 1 and clicking absolete api link 
points to a frontpage instead of the same topic in the documentation. the 
documentation only provides partial examples and thus it's not possible to 
understand the whole picture. 

my goal is to use polymer as compatiblity library for shadow dom usage. 

any advise is appreciated,
thank you very much. 


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