thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that.


Am Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018 16:58:48 UTC+1 schrieb Joern Turner:
> Maybe the following is obvious to anybody but me and maybe it's not even a 
> pure Polymer issue but i'm lost with this problem and would appreciate help 
> a lot.
> First of all:
> - working with Polymer 2 and bower
> Problem:
> - i've created a couple of components. Some of these are complete apps in 
> themselves so they have a set of dependencies loaded in via bower. Each of 
> these compoents live in their own git repo. For far so good. That's working 
> fine.
> - each of the apps will have a structure like this:
> -- bower_components
> my-comp1.html
> my-comp2.html
> - now i'd like to use these components and aggregate them in another app. 
> So my take was to bower install them from their respective repo.
> And here's the actual problem. Lets say my new app 'my-app' loads 
> 'my-comp1' from external git. 'my-comp1' will have e.g. a html import 
> pointing to 'bower_compoents/paper-input/paper-input.html. This resolves 
> just fine when i use my-comp1 directly.
> But when i bower install it it will land in the bower_components folder of 
> 'my-app' and the pathes inside of 'my-comp1' will break as they don't 
> resolve to 'my-app/bower_components/paper-input/paper-input.html' but to 
> 'my-app/bower_component/my-comp1/bower_components/paper-input/paper-input.html'
> which is not there. 
> I've searched the net for advice for hours both in the bower and the 
> Polymer world but couldn't find an answer on how to organize a 
> componentized project. Maybe i'm just overlooking the obvious but i'm 
> really stuck on this.
> Any help is highly appreciated.
> Thanks Joern

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