Hi Ralf,

> I received an abuse complaint today, is/was memeber of
> pool.ntp.org.

If you are confident that your server is configured correctly, and the
Abuse ticket is unwarranted, you can just construct a simple reply back.

Below is an example of wording I usually use when responding to Abuse
tickets, I find this, or a similar variant, is generally accepted well. 


Something that would be useful for owners of servers like Ralf, is to
know if a server has been added to another pool briefly (other than the
configured zone) for any length of time for any reason.

One wouldn't imagine that Ralf's server in the de / europe pool should
ever be used to serve kr / asia, however weirder things have happened.

I don't know if the NTP Pool system has enough data to confirm what zone
an IP has been put into at any stage.



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