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1. New (old) Popplestone paper

Thanks to some research by Ian Tegebo (who has just joined the pop-forum
list) and help from someone at Glasgow university, one of Robin
Popplestone's old papers has been retrieved and added to the poplog web
site (after converting from ps to pdf):

    A typed operational semantics based on grammatical characterisation of
        an abstract machine
        R J Popplestone;
        University of Glasgow. Department of Computing Science.
                (Visiting from UMASS Amherst)
                Glasgow : University of Glasgow, 1994.
                Computing science research report; FP-94-02.

2. New format for Popplestone book on Pop-11

I have just used ps2pdf to rebuild this from the postscript version:
This is now searchable. The old unsearchable (2006) version remains here,
over twice the size:

Unfortunately there is no table of contents. If anyone has access to the
latex sources ued to generate this it should be possible to create a new
version with a table of contents.

I tried to create a plain text file which might be the basis of a table of
contents, but the text was unusable.

Suggestions welcome. I also don't seem to have a record of the title Robin
intended to give the book. There isn't a title-page in the file.

Perhaps he might have used a modified version of the title of his 2002
        POP, A Broad-Spectrum Programming Language, 1967-2002


        Pop-11, A Broad-Spectrum Programming Language 1967-1999

1999 being the date of the latest draft of the book, I think.


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