On Mar 8, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Wayne Davison wrote:

In rsync I eliminated all use of sprintf(), strcpy(), and strcat(),
replacing them with snprintf(), strlcpy(), and strlcat(). Would you be
interested in such changes if appropriate compatibility functions were

For instance, I could imagine a configure test to see if snprintf()
returns a -1 on overflow, and a test to see if its limit is off by 1
(some don't count the '\0').  Then, a simple wrapper function would
handle both those conditions in a simple way (i.e. -1 could be mapped
to the limit-value+1 without need to compute the real overflow length
because popt doesn't ever call snprintf() expecting to find out how
much bigger its buffer needs to be -- the limit would just be used to
be extra sure that overflow was impossible.

I have compatibility functions for strlcpy() and strlcat() that I could snag from rsync. These functions are better than strncpy() and strncat()
as their limit value is the size of the buffer (unlike strncat()), and
the destination string will always be '\0'-terminated (unlike strncpy()).

I have most of the changes written for an earlier version (rsync includes
a version of 1.10.2 at present) that I could adapt for 1.14.

I can take a look, and am not averse to changing, but even snprintf has portability
problems wrto popt, and strlfoo is likely even more problematic.

There's *LOTS* of popt use around, so I tend to track with least- common-denominator
as much as possible.

73 de Jeff
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