On Mar 9, 2008, at 10:14 AM, Wayne Davison wrote:

On Sun, Mar 09, 2008 at 12:42:37AM -0500, Jeff Johnson wrote:
/bin/echo on my system is unmodified from
Fedora 9 coreutils-6.10-4.fc9.i386

Interesting.  So, what do you get with a manual run?

    /bin/echo --foo --bar
    /bin/echo -- --foo --bar

[EMAIL PROTECTED] popt]$ /bin/echo --foo --bar
[EMAIL PROTECTED] popt]$ /bin/echo -- --foo --bar
--foo --bar

Heh, I believe the answer starts to become clearer:
The echo(1) from Fedora coreutils-6.10-4.fc9.i386 dares to be different.
The root cause is what I needed to understand. Thanks for the patience.

I see all the option information output literally, including the --.
What do you get if you try a "make check" using that perl -e patch
instead of echo?  Does it still succeed for you?

I added the longArg = NULL, am seeing the same failure on test # 9.

Very weird.  I don't see how my change could affect a short option's
separated arg.  Attached is an even safer version of the change that
ensures that the only time it ever sets longArg to NULL is if the
longArg was set to oe + 1 upon finding an equal sign.

I also tried using valgrind in the test suite:

    result=`valgrind $builddir/$prog $*`

and the test-run didn't turn up any errors.

        longArg = NULL;
patch seems fine. The issue I'm seeing is here:
            if (*origOptString != '\0')
                con->os->nextCharArg = origOptString;
#ifdef  NOTYET  /* XXX causes test 9 failure. */
con->os->nextCharArg = origOptString + (*origOptString == '=');

if (opt == NULL) return POPT_ERROR_BADOPT; /* XXX can't happen */

If I turn that line on, popt "make check" (and rpm -q) breaks.

There's a class of problems, particularly with recursions like popt, that can fool valgrind.

Meanwhile, below is a rewrite of POPT_fprintf, essentially identical to the "man vsnprintf"
example. See what you think ...

(aside) I swear I wrote this code before, likely early June 2007, when the need for va_copy on amd64/ppc was discovered. The issue was discussed at some length on <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
during the 1st two weeks of June 2007.

POPT_fprintf (FILE * stream, const char * format, ...)
    char * b = NULL, * ob = NULL;
    size_t nb = 1;
    int rc;
    va_list ap;

    while ((b = realloc(b, nb)) != NULL) {
        va_start(ap, format);
        rc = vsnprintf(b, nb, format, ap);
        if (rc < -1 && (size_t)rc < nb)
        if (rc > -1)    /* glibc 2.1 */
            nb = rc + 1;
        else            /* glibc 2.0 */
            nb += (nb <= 1 ? 100 : nb);
        ob = b;

    rc = 0;
    if (b != NULL) {
        ob = strdup_locale_from_utf8(b);
        if (ob != NULL) {
            rc = fprintf(stream, "%s", ob);
        } else
            rc = fprintf(stream, "%s", b);
        free (b);
    } else if (ob != NULL)

    return rc;

73 de Jeff

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