Here's a summary from trying to sort the dueling umlaut encoding <-> --help column alignment
issue which started here:

<jbj_> what I need if you wish me to fix in popt-1.15 is a better test. we don't disagree that popt-1.15-iso is broken. we do disagree whether popt-1.13-iso "works" or not. I will sort the file(1) difference, but I don't think that test is gonna be strong enough (but I will find out tomorrow). <jbj_> i expect columns to stop aligning, the "other" problem. I can work the column alignment rather than the umlauts destruction if you prefer. but I have dueling bugs atm. <jbj_> I'll also see about adding a "make check" reproducer to popt. your popt-devel post with rpm --help reproducer is exactly what I needed to attempt. thank you. <rsc> np. Let's see how testing develops. A replay of one of the previous patches is not such hard as I got you - if needed for 1.14+ or so

On May 25, 2008, at 6:34 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:

On May 25, 2008, at 9:19 AM, Robert Scheck wrote:

Hello all,

I've claimed that I can see some umlaut issues with popt 1.14 and I really would like to see it solved, now. Reproducer is for me as follows. Using popt-1.13-3 from Fedora 8, 9 or Rawhide, I simply executed the following:

$ [EMAIL PROTECTED] rpm --help > rpm-1.13-iso
$ LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 rpm --help > rpm-1.13-utf

Using popt 1.15 from latest CVS checkout, I also did the following:

$ [EMAIL PROTECTED] rpm --help > rpm-1.15-iso
$ LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 rpm --help > rpm-1.15-utf

Results are now as follows using file(1) to compare:

popt-1.13-iso: ISO-8859 text                                    # as expected
popt-1.13-utf: UTF-8 Unicode text                               # as expected

popt-1.15-iso: Non-ISO extended-ASCII text              # NOT as expected
popt-1.15-utf: UTF-8 Unicode text                               # as expected

Hmmm, file(1) can be tricked and is perhaps unreliable as a test.

I've written this toy reproducer script:


sudo make -C /X/popt/popt-1.13 install >& /dev/null && echo "==> 1.13-3.fc9 installed"
    [EMAIL PROTECTED] rpm --help > /tmp/popt-1.13-iso
    LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 rpm --help > /tmp/popt-1.13-utf
    diff -u /tmp/popt-1.13-{iso,utf}

sudo make -C /X/src/popt install >& /dev/null && echo "==> 1.15 installed"
    [EMAIL PROTECTED] rpm --help > /tmp/popt-1.15-iso
    LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 rpm --help > /tmp/popt-1.15-utf
    diff -u /tmp/popt-1.15-{iso,utf}

My script here was flawed, "... libdir=/lib ..." was also needed for "make install". Now fixed.

With popt-1.13-3.fc9 installed (with the popt-1.13-popt_fprintf patch applied), I see differences rendering umlaut's between the output from the 2 locales for both 1.13 and 1.15.

(aside) the description column _IS_ aligned, which is/was the rather feeble reproducer
 for this issue during popt-1.14 release.

And here is what file(1) has to say on the matter:
    [EMAIL PROTECTED] popt]$ file /tmp/popt-1.13-iso
    /tmp/popt-1.13-iso: ISO-8859 English text
    [EMAIL PROTECTED] popt]$ file /tmp/popt-1.15-iso
    /tmp/popt-1.15-iso: Non-ISO extended-ASCII English text
reproducing your results here.

I have most certainly removed the encoding conversion in popt-1.14 so that the --help columns are aligned. Which likely explains the file(1) output, iconv is _NOT_ being performed, because doing the iconv conversion visibly destroyed the --help column alignment.

So a little more help please. What problem should I focus on? Having only American English kinda hampers my abilities to fix this issue, I really don't know what to expect with de_DE locale encoded display output (although I'm way more familiar with rpm --help than kudzu or random GNOME --help). I can most easily detect column alignment
issues, duh.

And sure I want to fix _ALL_ the popt problems. Just which one first?


73 de Jeff
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