The POPT_ARG_BITSET Bloom filter's in popt-1.16 already implicitly
are assuming that option values are a (literally) CSV.

And POPT_ARG_ARGV in popt-1.13 (when an option is used multiple times)
already are storing a tuple.

So I think its time to commit to some conventions (like CSV with ',' or
more generally a set of characters for splitting a string into a tuple)
so that a tuple can be passed as a single argument and/or with multiple
occurrences of an option in a unified and transparent fashion.

The pending event is how to deal with a "foo=bar" data mapping, like a symbol 
or a python dict. Note that the Bloom filter implementation _ALREADY_
uses Bob Jenkins lookup3.c hash function, all that would remain
to implement a mapping in POPT 2.0 is to add hash buckets and a poptHash data 

But I will proceed slowly and carefully to "mappings" in POPT 2.0.

73 de Jeff
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