On Jun 5, 2010, at 11:39 AM, Wayne Davison wrote:

> Here's something that was recently fixed for the popt that is included
> with rsync: rejecting an arg to an option that doesn't take an arg.
> Attached is a patch.  A new error code, POPT_ERROR_UNWANTEDARG, was
> created to make the error message nice.  This handles both -l=value
> and --long-arg=value where neither one is supposed to take a value.
> ..wayne..
> <arg-error.patch>

Hmmm, I'll get this "fix" worked in down the road. Certainly a bug.

All this code is actively being simplified for POPT 2.0 so
that I can more easily follow the logic path.

Meanwhile in the future, if you could send a patch against some
POPT release that I can find (I tried all the way back to
the popt-1_11-release tag, patch doesn't apply), or at least provide some hint
about what code repository the patch applies to (the patch itself seems
to have been edited), that would certainly help.

Please also note that I won't accept any patch that doesn't
pass "make check" regression tests. If you _REALLY_ want
to make sure that odd POPT corner cases like args given to
an option return an error, adding a reproducer to the
test cases too.

73 de Jeff
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