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Jeff Johnson wrote:

> Should I go to the effort of a run-time "features" acquisition API?

IMHO, no.  Any time you add fluff, you get further away from the meat,
and there's room for error.  The least error-prone approach is to
check for X when you use X, check for Y when you use Y, etc., or at
least check for the most recently-added of X, Y, and Z.  But the
moment you start checking for symbol Q which is supposed to indicate
the presence of X but isn't actually X, gratuitous abstraction and
potential for mistakes are introduce for no (again, IMHO) gain.

Of course, in reality, whatever the documentation examples show as the
"right way to check for POPT 2.0" is precisely what will be
copied-and-pasted into code for the next half-century.  But you know
this better than I.


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