I have multilib linux system,
32-bit libraries are installed into /usr/lib and
64-bit libraries - into /usr/lib64

After configuring popt-1.16 via
CC="gcc -m64" CXX="g++ -m64" ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64

produced Makefile contains instructions to install popt.pc into
pkgconfigdir = /lib/pkgconfig

which will be "/usr/lib" in my case, but not "/usr/lib64" - as I want
by specifying "--libdir=/usr/lib64".

Libraries (libpopt.a, libpopt.so) and libtool lbrary file (libpopt.la)
installed correctly into /usr/lib64.

This behavior differs from other projects, for example

which installs libidn.pc into
pkgconfigdir = /pkgconfig
being configured in the same way.

So I suppose popt.pc should be also installed into
pkgconfigdir = /pkgconfig
but not into
pkgconfigdir = /lib/pkgconfig
otherwise 64-bit popt installation breaks my previous 32-bit popt installation.


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