Auto document in popt is very good.

But when I want the document of a option have serval paragraphs
It output bad things.

My option define like this:
        .longName   = "fre",
        .shortName  = '\0',
        .descrip    = " RF output fre in Hz e.g. \n"
                      " (1) 1000100000 1000.1M 1000100K. \n"
                      " (2) ++ plus a PhaseFrequencyDetect fre. \n"
                      " (3) +  plus a step. \n"
                      " (4) -- minus a PhaseFrequencyDetect fre. \n"
                      " (5) -  minus a step",
        .argDescrip = "fre",
        .argInfo    = POPT_ARG_STRING,
        .arg        = &fre,
        .val        = 0

I want popt output the help string like it defined. e.g.
When a newline char appears, It should start a new paragraph.
But Popt looks like dosn't get special process for new line char.

How to resolve this problem

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