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popt ignores /.popt if /etc/popt.d is empty.

See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1051685 (you can find a
patch there).

Applied: thanks for the patch!

When will a new version of popt be released? The most recent version,
1.16, is now over seven years old! The current CVS version seems to be
under active development. Please put out a new version of popt.

Yes popt-1.17 is 7+ years from popt-1.16 release.

Yes, I am still actively maintaining popt, going on nearly 20 years now.
RPM is intimate with
POPT in very complicated ways, unlike most other applications that link

Meanwhile, please look at reality:

    1) you are the first to post a patch “upstream". The report
rhbz#1051685 report is dated
2014-01-10 16:34:19 EST
(and your patch to rhbz#1051685 was posted  2017-06-09 19:27 EDT)

     2) Both the original implementor/requestor of POPT globs as well as
the Fedora maintainer
are members *@rpm5.org <http://rpm5.org> where POPT is maintained.
Neither has chosen to “fix” the issue(s),*
*likely because they have **better things to do these days.*

*I’d suggest that I (as “upstream maintainer”) am not the bottleneck to
a popt-1.17 release.*
*I can do a popt-1.17 release (as in preparing the tar ball and pushing
to http://rpm5.ort/files/popt*
*within an hour. The due diligence of testing across multiple platforms
and operating systems*
*is beyond my means/energy these days, and takes perhaps 2 weeks,
drudgery setting up*
*VM’s to explicitly test a POPT release.*

Hi Jeffrey
my 2c$

the usual way should be to put down a release candidate and
ask for feedback.
I expect any distribution package maintainer will run a
test suite, if available, before releasing any binary package;
if they don't do it is their fault.
I doubt there are a lot a package maintainer that tests more then few
systems. No one and usually also no team can cover all the available system.

Thanks for you package and Best regards

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