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Changes by:    2019/06/05 06:38:56

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        mail/opensmtpd-extras: Makefile 

Log message:
Drop COMPILER to unbreak on sparc64 and other gcc archs

The way WANTLIB* and LIB_DEPENDS were set up, ${COMPILER_LIBCXX} ended
up in WANTLIB-main without gcc-libs ending up in LIB_DEPENDS-main;
pkg_create then failed because it had no way to reach a package
providing libestdc++.  This kind of breakage had been spotted in several
ports after switching the C++ ports to "COMPILER = base-clang
ports-gcc".  I'm not sure yet how these problems could be avoided.
Maybe additional checks in portcheck(1)?

Anyway, opensmtpd-extras was mechanically switched to COMPILER because
WANTLIB-mysql contained ${COMPILER_LIBCXX}.  This is currently not
needed, and since opensmtpd-extras is a C-only port, let's just drop

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