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Module name:    ports
Changes by:  2019/08/15 01:16:48

Modified files:
        meta/xfce      : Makefile 
        meta/xfce/pkg  : README-main 

Log message:
Update to Xfce 4.14.

- see for details & for complete changelogs.
- remove dependency on the now deprecated gtk-xfce-engine package, add
dependency on x11/greybird instead (as that's more or less the default
- Remove dependency on orage, add dependency on xfce4-screensaver.
- Add dependencies on xfce4-statusnotifier, catfish and gigolo for xfce-extras.
- Improve README wrt shutdown/reboot support without
consolekit/policykit and vblank method to stop screen flickering with
modesetting. Drop the section about LC_CTYPE, the world moved on and
OpenBSD supports UTF-8..

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