CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:   2020/05/29 14:05:37

Modified files:
        net/isc-bind   : Makefile 
        net/isc-bind/files: named.conf 
        net/isc-bind/pkg: PLIST 
Removed files:
        net/isc-bind/files: localhost loopback root.hint 
        net/isc-bind/pkg: MESSAGE 

Log message:
isc-bind: drop most of the outdated sample config files (including a very
old root.hint, the compiled-in defaults are better). there isn't really a
"one size fits all" configuration, these files gave bad examples (combined
recursive+auth hasn't been recommended in years), and as this is not the
default nameserver on the OS any more hand-holding isn't really needed.

by way of compensation: install the docs.

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