CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:        2016/09/16 03:42:57

Modified files:
        plan9/drawterm : Makefile distinfo 
Removed files:
        plan9/drawterm/patches: patch-Make_unix 

Log message:
update to drawterm-20160914

Port switched to the fork that is currently maintained against 9front source.
User-visible changes:

- fixes a glitch in graphics rendering, primarily noticed when viewing images in
the web browser mothra(1).
- defaults to new dp9ik authentication and rcpu(1) connection method, devolving
to the old p9sk1 and cpu(1).
- adds new cryptographic support from 9front libmp and libsec libraries.
- audio now works and is enabled.
- keyboard/mouse input is now much more responsive over high-latency
- new flag, -G, starts the session without the GUI.

from MAINTAINER stanley lieber

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