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Changes by:   2016/10/12 11:47:23

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        devel/p5-BSD-arc4random: Makefile 
        devel/p5-BSD-arc4random/patches: patch-arc4rnd_xs_c 
        devel/p5-BSD-arc4random/pkg: PLIST 
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        devel/p5-BSD-arc4random/patches: patch-MANIFEST 

Log message:
The p5-BSD-arc4random port in OpenBSD should keep the API of the
BSD::arc4random Perl module, but use our libc functions internally.
This has been done with arc4random() already, but arc4random_bytes()
and arc4random_uniform() were still using a pure Perl implementation.
Replace that with an XS wrapper to our arc4random_buf(3) and
arc4random_uniform(3) functions in libc.
Take maintainer, most remaining code is in my patches.
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