CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:    2016/10/13 09:39:32

Modified files:
        editors/emacs  : Makefile distinfo 
        editors/emacs/patches: patch-Makefile_in patch-configure 
        editors/emacs/pkg: PLIST 
Removed files:
        editors/emacs/patches: patch-src_unexelf_c 

Log message:
Update to emacs-25.1

NEWS file:

Fixes the focus problem seen with the gtk3 flavor.  The alignement fix
for sparc64 wasn't needed in 25.0.

Tested by Manuel Giraud, Ralf Horstmann (alpha), abieber@ (macppc),
danj@ (i386).  ok danj@ abieber@

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