CVSROOT:        /cvs
Module name:    ports
Changes by:    2016/10/16 17:21:23

Modified files:
        converters/luastruct: Makefile 
        devel/coxpcall : Makefile 
        devel/lpeg     : Makefile 
        devel/lua-cjson: Makefile 
        devel/lua-cliargs: Makefile 
        devel/lua-cmsgpack: Makefile 
        devel/lua-lgi  : Makefile 
        devel/lua-penlight: Makefile 
        devel/lua-term : Makefile 
        devel/luaalarm : Makefile 
        devel/luabitop : Makefile 
        devel/luacopas : Makefile 
        devel/luadoc   : Makefile 
        devel/luafs    : Makefile 
        devel/luapack  : Makefile 
        devel/luaprofiler: Makefile 
        devel/luarings : Makefile 
        devel/luastdlib: Makefile 
        net/luasocket  : Makefile 
        security/luasec: Makefile 
        textproc/lua-lustache: Makefile 
        textproc/lua-markdown: Makefile 
        textproc/lua-yaml: Makefile 
        textproc/luaexpat: Makefile 
        textproc/luasoldout: Makefile 

Log message:
Add explicit lua52/lua53 FLAVORS where supported.

Discussed on ports@, sthen@ agrees with the direction.

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